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Gameday Guide for your Child's first Sporting Event

Posted on 10-07-2015 | Michael Thompson

Sports are one of the best ways a family can bond. From playing outside to watching professionals, sporting events can be a great way to get your child excited about being active. It’s common for parents to want to take their children to a sporting event, but to feel unsure about when the correct time is to do so. The tips below can help you decide what events are ideal for your child.    

Consider the Environment

Big gameday events attract large crowds of fans. Some fan groups have reputation that should be considered. For example, teams with loud or rowdy fans will likely not behave differently even if there is a child present. Consider sporting events that are marketed as family friendly or that have specific seating areas geared toward families. This will make the experience more enjoyable for yourself and your child.

Consider the Time Frame

Sporting events are often all day affairs. Particularly those that begin the festivities with tailgating. Other events are held at night. Think about your child and his or her schedule. Will they be comfortable given the time frame of the activities? For small children, all day events or night games may be difficult. However, older children may find joy in all day activities that begin with a celebration and conclude with a late game.

Prepare Yourself

The most important aspect of taking a child to a sporting event is to be prepared. Talk with your child about what they can expect during the game and your expectations of them. Set realistic expectations for your child and create a plan for what to do if an issue arises, including if you become separated. At the event, keep in mind that the goal is spending quality time with your child.

For additional tips on ways to spend time with your child while keeping them engaged, download the Kids ‘R’ Kids School Age Activity Book. Part of the G.Y.M. Curriculum. This resource provides a number of activities, including activities that emphasize how sports are good for their health.

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