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Healthy Tips for Happy Kids Entering Preschool

Posted on 02-12-2016 | Kids R Kids on Serene

Healthy Tips for Happy Kids Entering Preschool

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Healthy Tips for Happy Kids Entering Preschool

Posted by Darlene Barnwell on Aug 20, 2015 4:39:00 PM

healthypreschoolWhether your child is entering preschool for the first time or returning after a fun summer break, it's important to start the year off right. Addressing any medical concerns and scheduling routine health appointments before the school year begins may ensure that your child has a happy and productive school year. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for a healthy child entering preschool.

Visit the Pediatrician

While many childhood diseases are not serious, it's a good idea to make a well-visit appointment with your child's pediatrician to discuss the risks and prevention methods. Your child's pediatrician can perform screenings and alert you to any vision or hearing concerns. The pediatrician will also make sure that vaccinations are up to date and provide valuable tips for staying healthy, all year long.

Visit the Dentist

If your child has never visited a dentist, the summer before entering preschool is a great time to schedule an appointment. Many children loose their first tooth during the preschool years. A pediatric dentist will examine your child's mouth and scope out any potential problems. They will also talk with your child about healthy habits, like brushing teeth and flossing.

Visit the Eye Doctor

Some parents may wait for their child to express an issue with their vision before scheduling an appointment with an optometrist. According to a national study, one of every four children has a vision problem. The eyes are just as important to care for as are the ears when it comes to providing your child with all the tools he or she needs for a successful preschool year.

Talk About Staying Healthy

Take the time to talk with your child about staying healthy when it's time to begin preschool. Discuss the importance of getting plenty of sleep and a healthy breakfast. Demonstrating good hygene habits like hand-washing and covering your mouth when sneezing or coughing is another way you can teach your child to stay healthy.

Entering preschool season is exciting. Make the most of it by following these back to school activities for preschool so that your child stays healthy during this busy time.

To help parents make the right decision in choosing the right early childhood education centerdownload the Kids 'R' Kids Free Guide to Choosing the Best Preschool for your child.

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