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Preschool at Kids R Kids

Preschool is the foundation to future academic success - See how we prepare the future !


We Offer What Other Schools  Do Not


Our Advanced Approach to Preschool Learning


* ABCMouse Learning Program - Combined With Our National Accredited Curriculum

Kids R Kids Learning Academy Silverado Ranch has become a ABCMouse Learning Academy     

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The Kids R Kids / ABCMouse Partnership offers our enrolled students the ability to learn from our Nationally Accredited Curriculum which has been intergrated with the ABCMouse Learning Platform.  This allows our teachers to send learning lessons to our students at their home or on the go. 

Learning Can Continue Even When Your Child is Away From Our School



* BrainWaves Developmental Curriculum   Video    [Open]

Learning is natural - Brain Development At Kids R Kids is Intentional


At Kids ‘R’ Kids on Serene preschool, our goal is to equip children with the skills they’ll need to successfully navigate through new challenges. By offering support to children during this critical time of development, we help to inspire a sense of confidence and accomplishment that are foundational for achieving success in all they do! This focus sets us apart from the ordinary daycare routine.

Our standards-based preschool curriculum caters to the more independent and assertive behavior of preschoolers. The curriculum is divided into weekly, theme-based units that encourage the development of a strong sense of self. 

Activities such as “Words of the Week” help to develop your child’s vocabulary and “Character Connections” help build your child’s self-esteem while developing strong, positive character traits. We also offer group exercises and individual skills practice to accompany your child’s physical development and provide him or her with opportunities to explore areas of personal interests.

Our Preschool Curriculum

Kids ‘R’ Kids preschool curriculum provides more structure throughout the day to prepare preschoolers for the academic schedules of elementary school. Our focus is primarily physical and cognitive development by offering a curriculum that uses a variety of age-appropriate activities.



Over decades of time spent working with preschoolers we’ve learned that young children thrive in learning environments that combine the right mix of “playtime” and structured educational activities. This combination promotes the child’s mental, emotional, and physical health while teaching them to make good choices.






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